Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on Thalia

Things are going good with Thalia; she's hanging on! Please keep her in your prayers. She continues to amaze me as her faith is strong and she never waivers that she will be free. Of course, I can't imagine a day that she won't be free either. I can't imagine that justice won't be served. However, the longer I work in and around the system the more I see things that are unbelievable. So I suppose it's a catch 22. But I stay strong in the faith that she will be free to be with her children at least through the last years of the their teenage life and be able to see them graduate high school.

Please join her Facebook page (Free Thalia Outlaw) or e-mail to for any updates. Most of the updates are done of her Facebook page. Thanks for all your support and patience.