Friday, April 15, 2011

Upgrade in Classification

Well, I have good news! Thalia was upgraded to "A" Custody. I know most of you don't know what that means but it's really great news for Thalia. It means that she will get to go spend weekends and week long visits in the family house with her children. We had hoped to be able to have her spend her first week with her children this summer but she has to be in this custody for 6 months before she can stay in the family house so I guess we can wait a few more months. She will get to finally spend some real quality time with her children as a mom. She has worked hard to get this and we are grateful that she has been allowed to receive her "green and white" pants. Please feel free to send her a note of congratulations or just a hello! She loves to hear from people.

Since she's graduated from upholstery, she's hoping that she will be able to become a tutor for that class or start working in the Chaplain's office. Please continue to keep that in your thoughts for her. We know that God will show us where he wants her as long as she is within the walls of MDOC.

I know I've saying this for a while but I am sincerely hopeful that I will be able to post news soon about her pursuit of freedom.

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